When Mehmet Ulucinar rose high in the irons to salute his biggest win in the 100k Devonport Cup on Wednesday it signaled another remarkable chapter in the life of White Hawk.

The popular galloper is better known around trainer Angela Brakey’s Longford Stables as “Brian” and this is where our story starts.

The son of Motree Thoroughbreds foundation broodmare White Yard was born on the morning of Grand Final Day back in 2013 and it was quickly decided he would be named after the winner of the Norm Smith Medal later that afternoon.

With the honour going to rugged Hawthorn defender Brian Lake, the young son of Tough Speed’s fate had been sealed and he was to be known as “Brian” from this point on, with his race name later paying tribute to the winning team – the Hawks.

It has been an apt name for the evergreen warhorse as like his namesake on the footy field, White Hawk has become known for his toughness and tenacity on the racetrack.

Back on the North East Coast, away from the excitement of the Cup Presentation,  Anton Ebbelaar, affectionately known as “Dutchie” waited to be shown a replay of Brian’s biggest win – and collect his $10 win bet on his old mate.

Dutchie is not only responsible for the kind early education of White Hawk as a playful young colt but all of Motree’s treasured foals since.

A quietly spoken man, Dutchie is happiest when spending time with the foals, picking up their feet and patiently accustoming them to human interaction.

As Motree Thoroughbreds has continued to grow and thrive in the years since two constants have remained – Brian & Dutchie with both these foundation members leaving an undeniable mark on us all out at Waterhouse.



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